Senior Consultant Gas Quality

Telephone +31 6 15388354

35 Years of experience in Gas Analysis

Rob Wessel has worked in gas analyses and natural gas and LNG analysis in particular for almost 35 years.

Working for the Dutch Metrology Institute (NMi-VSL), Rob has gained a broad experience on Laboratory accreditation, traceability of measurements, calibration of measurement equipment and analyzers and also on uncertainty assessment. Over the years Rob has specialized in (natural) gas analyses.

International Standardization

Being chairman of ISO Technical Committee 158- gas analyses (2007-2016), Rob was deeply involved in drafting the following International Standards in the domain of gas analyses: ISO 6141, ISO 6142, ISO 6143, ISO6145, ISO16667 and ISO 19229. More information

In ISO Technical Committee 193 – natural gas, Rob contributed to standards in the ISO 6974 series and in ISO 6976 concerning the analyses of natural gas by gas chromatography and the calculation of the calorific value, density and Wobbe Index.


Rob is frequently asked by Accreditation bodies in Europe as technical assessor for the implementation of above mentioned ISO standards. Accreditation is against ISO 17025 (calibration laboratories) and/or against ISO 17034 (producers of reference materials).

Rob also acts as freelance lead assessor in ISO 17025 accreditation of Calibration and Test laboratories for the Dutch Council for Accreditation (RvA).

Rob also frequently reviews scientific publications or project proposals for research on gas analyses.


Rob Wessel Consultancy can support your organisation with:

  • Implementation of a quality system in accordance with the requirements in ISO 17025 and ISO 17034
  • Implementation of measurement methods for the analyses of natural gas and LNG
  • Implementation of referenced ISO standards in the domain of gas analyses
  • Implementation of statistical Quality control modules and interpretation of results from Proficiency Tests
  • Performing a so called “health check” on your Quality System
  • Review of your Quality System prior to an official assessment
  • Any question on calibration, traceability, uncertainty analyses
  • Support in the design of a (new) laboratory